Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Orleans Parish Sheriff Chaplain's Office is to prepare for the needs and challenges of the future of those incarcerated in this facility. We take responsibility to make the most efficient use of the limited time and resources at our disposal.

The Chaplaincy, comprised of many volunteers, provide for the wellness of those under the custody and care of the Orleans Parish Sheriff. The effective, efficient, professional and religious ministries provided result in changes in behavior and ultimately in changed lives.

Our goal is to strengthen relationships with other disciplines in support of the orderly operation and management of this institution as established in correctional standard operation policies and procedures.

The chaplain's office also serves as a consultant for management regarding inmate requests for religious services and other issues. We are also obligated to recognize and respond to rapid change, growth and increasing complexity of the criminal justice system.

Protecting and Serving the Parish of Orleans

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